Amenity Foam Encased Pocket Coil Mattress


Mattress style- Foam Encased Tri Zone Pocket Coil Euro Top

Coil style-

- Tri Zone Pocket Coil

- 1.8 mm Coils in head & leg zones

- 2.o mm Coils in middle (lumbar) zone


- Stretchable Bamboo fabric

- Brown edge tape


- 1⁄2” medium firm foam with 20 Oz poly

-Open continuous pattern

Comfort Upholstery-

- 21⁄2” medium soft foam in Euro top

- 1” High Density foam support at bottom

- 4” hard foam perimeter (encasement) for best side support

- 1⁄4” quilted border

- Double fibre pad with lumbar support


- 71⁄2” radius corner wooden boxes

-1⁄4” Foam on top

-1⁄4” quilted border

-Gold print corner guard with company name


- Printed corner label & Embroidered hang tag


- Strong grip plastic bags

- Bottom blue bags for extra protection

* Boxspring NOT included. Sold Separately

* Actual color and print may vary.