Velvet Rose


Coil style: - 416 coil, 13 gauge spring system

- Double tempered coil

- Edge guard for proper edge to edge support

Fabric: - Stretchable Aloe Vera middle pattern fabric

- Black edge tape

Quilting: - ½”Medium firm foam with 20Oz Hallow Fibre

- Tack and Jump Button pattern

Comfort Upholstery: - 2” medium firm foam in pillow top

- 1” foam support at top and bottom for motion absorbing Support


- Heavy duty fibre pad with lumbar support

- ¼” quilted border

Label: - Corner printed labels

Foundation: - 7 ½” Radius corner wooden boxes

- ¼” Foam on top

- ¼” Quilted border

- Sleep In Logo corner guards

Packaging: - Strong grip plastic bag

- Bottom blue bags for extra protection

Please note this price is for mattress only, not the box spring. Box spring can be purchased individually.